Another day, another batch of holiday mail pledging the love and conveying the family news of people I’ve never heard of in my life.

I notice that the trend away from traditional folding cards with seasonal art on their covers and hand-written greetings inside and toward single sheet Shutterfly-generated picture postcards continues apace this year.  (A quick count among those received at the Port Swiller household so far puts the ratio at about 5:2 in favor of the latter.)  I’ve got no particular beef with this fashion, but it’s something I personally would not choose to do.

I also notice with some amusement the perils of what one might call automated holiday cheer:  we received three different copies of exactly the same card and news letter from the same family on the same day.  To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to receive two cards from the same source may be regarded as a misfortune;  to receive three looks like carelessness.