This afternoon I split up some logs from a tree we had chopped down this past summah into cord wood.  (Regular port-swillers might be surprised to learn that I even know how, given the sort of esoteric blatherings in which I indulge here.  Well, the truth is I learned an awful lot of basic guy skills in my yoot: I am (or used to be) a pretty good wing shot, I can field-dress a deer, I can handle a horse, build a rock wall and clear brush.   And, more to the point, split and stack wood.  Auto mechanics? Well, there you lose me.)

When I was a kid, I used to have to help the Old Gentleman with this task.  I would hold an axe steady while he whacked it with the sledge.   I still remember how much that used to make my hands sting.  Like getting jammed with an inside fastball.

These days, I have found that those split-o-matic wedges work even better than an axe-head, although the sledge is, of course, still of the essence.