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GuyFawkesHappy Guy Fawkes Day!

Now there are those of you two or three together who may wonder how Robbo’s swimming of the Tiber has affected his attitude toward this anniversary of the discovery of a plot among English Catholics to blow up Parliament and the King?

My response?  Not a’tall.

You see, in part I am still a dedicated Anglophile.   As much as I detest the early Hanovarians, I still believe the ’45 was a ridiculous undertaking.  Ditto the plots to undo the earlier Stuart monarchy, however dismal its record.  I am no great fan of James I.  But I remain a devotee of Good Queen Bess and the footing on which she placed This Sceptre’d Isle, and I loathe the machinations of those who sought to bring it down.

My fellow port-swillers, I may go to hell for this, but here goes:

George MacDonald Fraser’s golf story “McCauslin in the Rough” is, in fact, better than any golf story Plum Wodehouse ever wrote.

Discuss.  And St. Andrew? Ora pro nobis.

As a thankee for my coughing up of some dosh and renewing my membership recently, the local classickal radio station sent me a CD of Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances (Opus 46 and 72).

I have never owned a recording of any of these pieces, but as I worked my way through the CD, I realized that I had heard every single one of them before.  Every. Single. One.  (There are 16 altogether, each running three or four minutes or so.)

This strikes me as a testament to the handiness of these works as filler for classickal radio.  Need something to eke out your hour of programming? No problemo!  They’re short, they’re fun, they’re what you need.

Curiously, while I have nothing against these works, I find that after listening to three or four of them in a row, their appeal starts to wane.  I don’t know if this is a function of my many years of radio conditioning, or of the fact that they do tend to blur together after a while, but there it is.


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