For those fellow port-swillers keeping track, I’m happy to report that the new granite (yes, got it right for a change) countertops were delivered and installed yesterday afternoon.  I know it’s all just a simple matter of careful measurement, but there is something truly pleasant about watching three guys haul a great big chunk o’ rock in and plunk it down with perfect accuracy in the space made ready for it.

After the counter guys had come and gone, the plumbers then showed up to put in the new faucet and garbage disposal in teh sink, and at last, at loooooooong last, to get the dishwasher back on line.  

So the only big things left are to put in a couple smaller cabinets, remount the microwave and slap the handles on all the drawers and cupboards.

Huzzay! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I know this isn’t the end of the headache.  For one thing, we’re repainting the room and I can tell you here and now that there is going to be squabbling over the color.  For another, it occured to me this morning that sooner or later Mrs. Robbo is going to decide that all the decorations we’ve had in the kitchen until now somehow “just won’t go” with the new color scheme and will need to be replaced.  It is this ripple effect that I think I hate more than any other aspect of this kind of project.

So the eldest gel sidled up to me this morning and said, “Dad! Aren’t these new counters great? You can wipe spills right off them instead of just leaving them there!”

Self: “Um, why exactly couldn’t you wipe spills off the old counters?”

Gel: [with elaborate shrug] “I need to go get dressed.”