Brilliant, Peggy:

The problem isn’t [the President’s] personality, it’s his policies. His problem isn’t what George W. Bush left but what he himself has done. It is a problem of political judgment, of putting forward bills that were deeply flawed or off-point. Bailouts, the stimulus package, cap-and-trade; turning to health care at the exact moment in history when his countrymen were turning their concerns to the economy, joblessness, debt and deficits—all of these reflect a misreading of the political terrain. They are matters of political judgment, not personality. (Republicans would best heed this as they gear up for 2010: Don’t hit him, hit his policies. That’s where the break with the people is occurring.)

Um….some of us were fretting about his judgment and policies before the election while you and Brooks and Buckley were in full tilt beer-goggle mode.   Barn door? The horse went that-a-way.

You know, every Friday for the past six months or so I have eagerly turned to Noonan’s column to see whether she would finally ‘fess up that she made a mistake.  

Foolish of me, I suppose.