Benny XVI











“Cardinal Smithers! Release the hounds….”

Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.

I know I’m a bit behind on the nooz cycle in my posting but hot dawg I think B-16 caught everyone flat-footed with the extent of his new effort to bring Anglicans back within the fold of Holy Mother Church.  (The rumor had only been that a certain Anglican splinter group was going to Rome.  Nobody, I mean nobody, thought that the Vatican was declaring open season on all disaffected Anglicans.)  Go on over to Damian Thompson for all the latest news, including the (admittedly) heh-inducing fact that it looks like ArchBish Rowan Williams got totally pawned in this process.  (Note to Canterbury: Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.)

What all this means for ordinary Anglicans and Palies, nobody yet seems to really know.  So far as I understand it, the new arrangement will involve the actual conversion of Anglicans that want it to gen-u-ine Catholicism, with all the attendant theological trappings, and not the continued practice of Anglicanism under a Papal seal-o-approval.  At the same time, there is language that under this new regime that certain aspects of Anglican liturgical and spiritual tradition will be preserved.  Heck if I know what that means.    

Anyway, we shall see.