I see where the Moo-Knewvian universe has exceeded its bandwidth limitation again, thus temporarily putting the ol’ Llamas, ah, out to pasture. 

Since I do all of my baseball posting over there, I suppose this might let me off having to acknowledge that the poor Nats racked up their 100th loss of the season last evening, losing a close one to the Dodgers, but I’m not going to take such an easy out.  You know, it’s a real pity and also a perfect illustration of the maxim about baseball being a game of inches:  The fact is that the team is a lot better than its record might indicate.  I’ve watched a whooooole lot of Nats games this season, and the vast majority of their losses have been like last night’s – one play, one break going the other way and they would come out on top.

So as far as I’m concerned, fixing things for next year is more a matter of tweeking than wholesale reorganization.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

No? Well so long as you’re in merry mood, I’ll also pass on this:  I don’t know whether there’s any connection to the MooKnoo crash, but there seems to have been a renewed outbreak of viagra spam in the past day or so.  This reminds me of what the Mothe says: “If you need a pill, it’s time to get a new hobby.”