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Ben Franklin BifocalsAfter years of shameful neglect and increased squinting**, ol’ Robbo finally got himself off to the opthamologist (Update: eye-doctor) this morning to see about a check-up plus new contacts and glasses.

And guess what we’re getting soon?  That’s right…….bifocals!

Yes, in addition to being blind as a bat at any distance, I have noticed in the past year or so a growing difficulty with focusing on things close up, (even, or I should say particularly) when wearing my lenses.  This came to a head a week or two ago when I attempted to take a splinter out of one of the gels’ feet.  I had so much trouble that Mrs. Robbo finally had to step in and relieve me.  

Thus, it’s a new pair of bifocals, plus a pair of reading glasses for when I have my contacts in.

I’m also just going to go ahead and get my AAPR membership application in and start stocking up on geritol and Depends while I’m at it.

**This reminds me of a long-standing joke I have with Groovy Vic.  A couple of years ago, she and her family came to Dee Cee and I met them for lunch down on the National Mall.  I warned Vic ahead of time that if I looked like I was scowling at the world when she saw me, she was not to worry – I was really just squinting.  Guess I lose that cover story now.  Heh.


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