Thanks to all of you who commented on the post below.  As usual, your thoughts were most illuminating.

I was mulling over all this as I sat in the pew at RFEC this morning and decided that your collective wisdom was right.   So, when the seven year old gel, processing down the aisle with the summer choir, took the opportunity to stick out her tongue at her eldest sister as she went by, I smiled.  I then proceeded to sing the hymns wit great viggah, and prayed harder for those around me than I probably ever have before.  Afterwards, I went downstairs to the parish hall to help make sammiches to take down the soup kitchen we help out once a month.

And it was all good.

Then, I went off to Mass and immersed myself in all the smells, bells and chant of the Latin Rite and took Communion where I am absolutely positive that I belong, and did not fret about anything else.

And that was all good, too.

God will sort it all out in His own way.