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Halfway Well, another two days at home before I head off for the hols.

What I can’t figure out is why my braims have already left.

I mean, things are not especially busy at work.  And things are not especially burdensome on the home front.  And yet, I am completely beat.

Why should that be?

Perhaps it’s just the heat.  That might be true but for the fact that we’ve had a pretty kind summah in Dee Cee and it is only now starting to get oppressive.

People near and dear to ol’ Robbo will say that it is because I take too much on myself, spiritual-like.  There is a standing joke in my inner circle: Question – How do you stay so thin, Robbo?  Answer – I worry  a lot.

Opponents to this theory will argue that this is rubbish and that our boy is just a slacker looking for an out.   

I confess that I am in both camps myself.  On the one hand, I feel that after eight months or so of steady work, I am entitled to a vacation.  On the other, I still somehow feel guilty for taking it.

Yes, there’s enough material here for an entire conference.***

Well, I dunno.  For whatever reason, though, I am really drained.  And seriously looking forward to a week of utter relaxation.

**Thems that know will get the joke.



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