celebratory portLadies and Gentlemen, believe it or not but TPSAYE turns a year old today.

If I may say so, happy birthday to me!

If WordPress is to be believed, over the past year your humble host has racked up 614 posts, 1971 comments and 118,968 views.   Granted, most of the views seem to be aimed at a pic of Sophia Loren that I put up last year, but hey – eyeballs are eyeballs.

So what can I say?  Not much, perhaps.  The whole genesis of TPSAYE is complicated and, because it’s late, I don’t have the energy to go into it.  Suffice to say that I have enjoyed blogging here in what Steve-O the Llama Butcher calls “Robbo’s Back Room” tremendously since I set things up.  Hopefully, the figgahs cited above demonstrate that some of you have enjoyed it to.

So thank you for all of your support!  And to mark the occassion, pray charge your glasses and let me fall back on TPSAYE’s signature line:  Bumpers all round and no heel taps!