This afternoon, so I am informed, Mrs. Robbo received her o-fficial certification from the Goddard Space Lab allowing her to borrow gen-u-ine Moon rocks to display in her classroom at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.

Actually, the whole bisnay is very cool.  Not only does she get to show the rocks, there is an elaborate chain-of-possession  protocal for transporting said rocks to and from St. M of the BEM that actually involves the local police force.  Mrs. Robbo, always several steps ahead of Self, has already recognized what a great PR stunt all this might be for the Old School.  (Heck, I’m on the Board of Directors.  I ought to be extremely pleased with this.  And I am.)

Aaaaaaanyway, I was hoping to tie in some kind of “So I married a looney” link.  Unfortunately, all the Monty Python “Spot the Looney” YouTube clips are very second rate.  In the alternative, I fall back on the old stand-by:

(At least I can say that my Miss Yakamoto is pretty damn beautiful!)