GrillFor a long time now I’ve been content with the ol’ Webber 22″ circular grill out on the patio to handle all of my cookout duties.  However, due to the fact that a) the thing is about fifteen years old and starting to rust through on the sides and b) I suddenly find myself living with a family of young boa-constrictors and need much more cooking space, I feel that it is time to step up to the next level.   

So the question is:  What is that next level?  Basically, I need, as I say, more space.  I also need variable cooking temperatures, as Mrs. Robbo has developed a fondness for kabobs while I continue to prefer the 60 seconds-per-side flash-cooked rib-eye, while the gels have all of a sudden developed a taste for having their hotdog and hamburger buns toasted.   Of course, all of these need different levels of heat.  Also, the ability to accomodate everyone’s tastes is a critical selling point for getting this project past Mrs. Robbo in her capacity as Family CBO, so of course I need to be able to make good on my promises.

Basically, I’m thinking something along the lines of the model pictured above: a barrel-shaped contrivance with adjustable surfaces and a hinged top.  But if you’ve got suggestions for a particular make or model, I’d love to hear about them.

Oh, one other thing:  I am only interested in charcoal grills, gas grills being the work of the devil in my opinion, so please, no suggestions of the latter, thanks.