I have been making my way through the Flashman Papers again, running through Flashman and the Great Game, Flashy2Flashman and the Redskins, Flashman’s Lady and Flashman and the Mountain of Light in short order.

Last year, I put the Mater on to ol’ Flashy.  She quickly became a warm enthusiast herself, stocking her summah cottage with the full set.  I happened to mention my recent readings when I spoke to her the other day, whereupon she immediately burst into hoots of laughter and started calling up some of her favorite  bits, many of which are certainly not fit for mixed company.  (This older generation.  Really, now.)

Anyhoo, I bring this up because Mom also restated an opinion that she’s long held that, despite his obviously Caledonian name, George Macdonald Fraser is no Scotsman at all, but is instead a closet Irishman.   This is the only way, in her opinion, to explain how Fraser is so goddam wickedly funny.  No Scotsman has a sense of humor like that, whereas many of the Irish do.

I must admit as I read up on ol’ Flashy again that this theory seems pretty sound.