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Cafe Zimmermann taking on Charles Avison taking on Domenico Scarlatti….

Full disclosure to Sistah….Listen or not, but this is pretty much your Christmas present this year…..

On my travels to the great Midwest this week, my colleague brought along her GPS gizmo and plugged it into the workings of our rental car.  I can’t prove it, but the voice with which it started to order me about as I navigated (perfectly soundly, thanks very much) out of the bowels of O’Hare International sounded remarkably like that of Alan Rickman.   Indeed, it went something like this:

Well, now.  As pleasing and sonorous a voice as this might have been, I will not be told by a bloody circuit board to turn right in three hundred yards.  We hadn’t even reached I-294 before my heartfelt suggestions to the GPS to shut the bloody hell up caused my colleague to quietly disconnect the blasted thing.

A little later, once we were heading west on I-88, she remarked that one could download various other celebrity voices into one’s GPS, including that of Mr. T.   I confess that the thought of hearing, “Fool! Ah toll ya ta turn left back there! I’m gonna bust some skulls!” struck me as almost worth the surrender to the machines.

Almost, mind you……

Never stroll down to your garden without a rock in your hand.

(I did so this evening, only to discover a rabbit sitting in the middle of the beds, and me with nothing but a wine glass to throw at him.  Well, I love my flowers, but not that much…..)


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