I suppose this is the song of the day:

Why, because June 19 is now the O-fficial Happiest Day of the Year, at least according to a rayther complicated formula worked out by a Brit psychologist based on communing with nature, social interaction and a little Proustian memory of times past.

I don’t know about all that.  What I do know is that today also happens to be the 16th wedding anniversary for Mrs. R and Self.

Not that we’re doing much about it today, as we are right in the middle of the end-of-school-year-beginning-of-summer-activities change over, and things are a bit hectic.  BUT…..on Sunday, we drive the two elder gels up to Bible-Thumper Camp in Pennsylvania for two weeks.  The following weekend we unload the youngest gel on Brownie Camp for a week.  Thus, we’ll have the house absolutely to ourselves for the week before the 4th.

We’ve already planned numerous celebratory activities, but truth be told we’re a little bit apprehensive about being on our own for so long.  What does one talk about?