Yes, this evening Mrs. R and I took the gels to see Huey Lewis and the News at Wolftrap, and, yes, you can sneer all you want, but we had a great time.

We packed a picnic dinner and sat out on the lawn.  After all the storms that rolled through here today, it turned out to be a perfect evening, a bit humid but nice and cool.  The gels have not been to a concert of this sort since their “Wiggles” days, and positively ate it up.  The highlight of the evening was the attention the seven year old grabbed by jumping up on the cooler and “surfing” to the beat of the songs.

And of course, everyone sang along.  Said the 11 year old of Huey, “Boy, for a 60 year old guy, he sure has a lot of enthusiasm!”

The only downside was the group of extremely drunk kids who sat directly behind us and who would not shut up the entire time.  On the theory of turning lemons into lemonade, rayther than trying to shield the gels from them, I pointed out for their edification how idiotic drunkeness makes one look.  I’m happy to say that the lesson went straight home.