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We just bought tickets to take the gels to see Huey Lewis and the News at Wolftrap next month. 

I mentioned to Mrs. R that I had never been to a rock concert before.  She’s of the opinion that this doesn’t count.

Should be fun, though.


As I was out weeding the garden path this morning, I found myself casually listening to the gels playing with their rope swing.  (We put this up a few weeks ago and it has been a huge hit.  Forget your fancy mega-bucks playsets.  Forty feet of rope and a board with a hole drilled through the middle: priceless.)

As you can imagine, three pig-headed strong-minded gels and one swing can lead to some problematical math.  They had some kind of turn-taking arrangement coupled with pushing duty, but it seemed subject to endless acrimony and continual arbitration, culminating every now and again to a tearful appeal to Daddy.

After several times having overheard what really happened and then comparing it to the version of events presented to me by the appellant,  it suddenly entered into my mind to wonder whether Margaret Mead ever had any children.  A quick peak at her bio confirms that she did, in fact, have one daughter.  My guess, though is that she could not have been paying very close attention to the child.  Had she done so, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been as thoroughly suckered by the Samoans as she was.

futurama-benders-game Hollywood, you truly are a strange place.

Matt Groening & Co. finally came out with a Simpsons movie a year or two ago that, after gargantuan hype, was just okay at best. (I saw it once and I certainly wouldn’t bother crossing the street to see it again.)

The same guys put out a Futurama movie that I wouldn’t even have known about had I not accidentally stumbled across it while surfing Netflix and it turns out to be pretty damned funny.  (In fact, it had me hooting to the point where I was coldly asked to keep it down so as not to wake the children.  For those of you who have seen it, the whole “Morks” joke practically made me fall off the sofa.)

I suppose it has something to do with not having to pander to a wider audience and being able to amuse themselves more with the lesser-known franchise.  Nice work if you can get it.

I suppose also that my comparative reactions means I really am a geek.


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