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Moose WarningCats always land on their feet.

CLINTON (ME) – The moose that “fell from the sky” Tuesday, in an observer’s words, landed on its head and quickly died.

The yearling bull nearly took a man with him after it fell from the Interstate 95 overpass onto Hinckley Road.

Shirley Bailey, the town clerk, got the frantic call shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday.  The caller was driving along the road when he saw the moose fall.

Bailey recalled his comments: “I was driving under the Bridge on Hinckley Road and a moose fell from the sky.”

The man was “a little shook up,” said Bailey, who quickly notified Police Chief Charles Runnels.  “It was quite frightening, I guess.”

No doubt.  But it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good and there’s no use crying over spilled moose.  According to the article, shortly after the police showed up, a man driving a wrecker stopped and asked if he could take the moose away.  The police let him, and off he went.  It’ll probably be mooseburgers for the rest of the summah for him.


Today is the anniversary of the birth (or at least the baptism) in 1727 of Thomas Gainsborough, in Sudbury, Suffolk.

This portrait of Pitt the Younger, which regular port-swillers see from time to time here and elsewhere within the WordPress universe, is attributed to Gainsborough.   I adopted it both because I am such a fan of Billy Pitt and also because I like the portrait itself.


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