charlie_brown3I understand that she has become the informal patron of baseball.  I know that she’s the patron of hopeless causes.  In either case, I may need her help tonight.

You see, we have a rematch with the team that beat us last week.  They’re still undefeated, too.  The trouble is that I’m starting the game with only ten gels and, owing to a school concert, I lose two of them half-way through (including my own eldest child).

So far as I can see, the only way we’re going to win is if we can run up a cushion early and then hang on for the later innings.  (There’s a five run per inning maximum, so the thing is mathematically possible.)

But you know what?  I can’t shake a very peculiar feeling that we just might do it.

Wish us luck!

UPDATE:  Well, we had to forfeit the game for failing to have the minimum number of players.  So we’ve dropped to 2-2 in the standings and currently are in third place in our division.  The especially maddening part about it is that we went ahead and scrimmaged the other team and proceeded to clean their clocks.