suit What with the temperature cranking up to the 90 degree mark the past few days, I started thinking again about summah suiting and the perennial question: Is this the year Robbo goes seersucker?

I confess that for many years, as much as I liked both the look and the comfort of seersucker, I simply could not work up the nerve to wear it.  For one thing, I have long been of the opinion that one must either be of a certain age or else possessed of a certain natural, physical flair in order to pull it off successfully.  Having neither of these attributes, I always feared that I would simply come across as a first class dork.

For another thing, the fact of the matter is that decked out in such suiting, one is going to stand out.  And although I seem to have no trouble handling attention here in the blogsphere, in the Real World I have never enjoyed standing out, preferring instead to make my way through life in quiet anonymity.     

This year, though, I find that I am much more open to the idea of donning the ol’ blue and white.  I’m not sure I’m ready to start appearing on the Metro for the morning commute in such a rig, but I certainly can see myself wearing it for Church and social do’s.  Perhaps if I don’t see people pointing at me and snickering in such settings, I can gradually work my way up.