charlie_brown2I am delighted to report that after a buggy and stifling morning shuffling around and waiting to take our team picture, Team Robbo came out swinging at our noon game today and positively crushed our opponents, 23-4.  (We are now 2-1 on the year.)

As it turns out, all of the teams in the league are named for MLB teams, a fact that I had not known.  Due to some kind of administrative oversight, our team didn’t receive their MLB-logo visors along with the rest of our uniforms.  Well, we got ’em this morning.  Turns out that we are the Indians, as in Cleveland.

I tell you truly, friends, there is nothing that brings a pack of ten and eleven year old gels together like teaching them all the war-whoop.   I can safely say that even if we don’t win our division this season, we will certainly get the prize for noisiest dugout.

Go Tribe!