chesterton Christine puts up a wonderful post about how G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown Mysteries helped Sir Alec Guinness come to the Church.

I happen to be on a bit of a Chesterton kick at the moment.  As is becoming my habit during Lent, I just finished rereading Orthodoxy and have now re-plunged into The Dumb Ox.

Reading Christine’s post, it occurred to me that I’ve never read the Father Brown stories.  As I noted in comments, I’d never even heard of them when I was younger and by the time I did, I had got it into my head that they were somehow only for Young Persons.

Well, enough of that!  I’ve just now nipped over to the devil’s website and scooped up the lot of them.  I also picked up Manalive into the bargain, another work I have not yet read.