I’ve noticed that in certain regular email correspondence – most notably with my secretary and now with the parents of my softball team – I’ve gotten into the habit of peppering my text with exclamation points.  As in “Great!” or “Thanks!” or “See you soon!”

I despise this practice when other people engage in it and I feel a kind of hideous shame when I find myself following the same path.  Lord knows why I started it.  Moment of weakness, I suppose.  My only defense now is a fear that as I’m already in so deep, a return to a more restrained email style will be misinterpreted as coldness and will lead to complications with which I simply don’t have the energy to deal.

Gah.  Road to hell.  Slippery slope. Etc. Etc.  If exclamation points come can emoticons be far behind?

UPDATE: Of course, I am well aware of the Dark Lord behind this trend:

king-booThe first time I was introduced to King Boo by the gels, I knew that the Shadow had taken a new form and was once again beginning to grow….