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What a nice day.  A few thoughts that wandered into my braims as I strolled about this afternoon taking stock of what needs to be done:

♦  I certainly don’t need to worry about aerating my back yard this year.  Looks like the deer and the squirrels between them have done a pretty thorough job of it already.

♦  Looks like one of my roses didn’t make it through the winter.  Too bad, as they are all transplants from our place up in Maine.  This was a sickly little chap to begin with, so it’s really no great surprise, but still….

♦  Speaking of roses, I happened to be chatting with my parish priest about them recently. (He has a large collection outside the church.)  I asked when he cuts his back and he replied that he always waits until the forsythia start to bloom.  That’s as good a yardstick as I’ve ever heard and one that I plan to adopt starting this year.

♦ Speaking of forsythia, I still haven’t figured out quite what I’m doing wrong with mine that makes its flowering so feeble.  I know that forsythia only flowers on new growth, and perhaps I over-reacted to that last year by whacking it back multiple times.  I’m going to leave it alone this year and let it grow out again and see what happens.

♦  Virginia creeper – pretty vine with spectacular fall color or menace to your house’s mortar that will have it down in a few years if not dealt with?

♦  A slight ornithological detour: I couldn’t help noticing that the rufus-sided towhees and the cowbirds seem to have reappeared at exactly the same time this year.  Love the former.  Can’t stand the latter.

♦  The columbine and bleeding heart are both well up and it looks like I’ll have a good crop of foxgloves this year, too.

♦  While I had muddled over the idea of simply tilling up the garden beds and starting over this year, I of course knew that I wouldn’t really do it.


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