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I couldn’t pass up the day without noting that this is the two hundred and twenty fourth anniversary of the birth of the greatest musickal genius ever to grace the planet.  I speak, of course, of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Rather than boring you with all kinds of unoriginal bloviating about the man, his life or his talent, why don’t I instead just cut to the chase and give you a sampling:  The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra playing the 1st movement from his Brandenburg Concerto No. 3:

And oh, what the heck, here’s the rousing Allegro final movement as well:

It’s a pretty good performance, although the camera work doesn’t always keep up with the musickal progression.  Also, I found myself cringing a couple times when the second violin seemed to come perilously close to blinding her neighbor. 

I selected this particular piece because I have always imagined it as a fine example of Bach thoroughly enjoying himself.   Certainly a fitting way to celebrate his birthday.

Mrs. R is taking her annual science class overnight field trip up to the Maryland Science Center today.  The nine and eleven year olds are going along, leaving me at home with the seven year old maniac.

Steve-O and I got talking about this gel the other day in the context of grace, musing on the perfectly real yet paradoxical fact that one person can love another unconditionally and yet still retain a desire to strangle them at the same time.

Funny old thing, life.

Anyhoo, since we are manacled together for the next 36 hours or so, the gel is going to get a treat she’s been pestering me about for some time, namely coming along with me to Mass tomorrow.  I don’t know – I’ve an idea that either her religious horizons are going to be broadened or I am going to be excommunicated.

UPDATE: For those of you interested, I have to confess that I fell out.  The gel wore me down all afternoon and evening Saturday and then appeared at my bedside at 3 ack emma Sunday morning demanding to snuggle.  By the time church rolled around, I was a walking zombie and she, as is her wont, was already tap-dancing on the ceiling.  Just.  Couldn’t. Do. It.


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