Last evening, despite the fact that the snow was already coming down in buckets in the Dee Cee area, I made my way over to the local little league clubhouse to take part in the O-fficial AAA softball draft.

After getting home from Mass, I spent a fair chunk of the afternoon pouring over scouting reports and my own notes from the try-outs that had been held earlier in the month, looking with eagle eye for any clues, any signs that might tell me whether a given girl on the draft roster might be a diamond (in the rough or otherwise), an ugly duckling waiting to become a swan, or just a plain ol’ lemon.

In the end, I realized that I was blinding myself to no real purpose.  Therefore, I went to Plan B for compiling my list of desirable playahs:



Much to my relief, once I got to the draft itself, I noticed that after we got past the first couple rounds, the other three managers seemed to be doing pretty much the same thing.

About an hour and a half later, I emerged from teh clubhouse into the snow, carrying with me a brand new roster of thirteen gels aged 9 to 11, a thickish rule book and a large bag containing 4 dozen softballs, a bat and a catcher’s rig.

So here we go……

The season doesn’t start until after Easter, but practice begins this week.  My team’s first meeting will be next Sunday – the announcements were just flashed via email a while ago – and I am already working on a little speech designed to a) motivate the players and b) keep the parents at arm’s length.   I would open up the comments here for team name suggestions, but I suppose that’s something I should leave to the team itself.

Anyhoo, of course I will keep you posted about this little project.