LEISURE RINGS Yesterday, after weeks and weeks of planning, the eldest gel and one of her little 5th Grade friends got together to watch the first Lord of the Rings movie.  (They plan to watch the other two together in the near future as time permits.)

The gel had never seen LOTR on screen before and I was somewhat apprehensive about what her reaction might be.  In our readings of the novels, we are now just short of the attack on Minas Tirith in The Return of the King, and after many hundreds of pages I knew that she had formed some pretty definite opinions about the way things ought to be in Middle Earth.  I didn’t want her to ruin things either for herself or for her friend, so for some time now I’ve been counseling her to keep an open mind when she finally saw the movie.

So late in the afternoon I drove over to pick the gel up after it was all over.  As we climbed into the ol’ jeep, I said, “Well?  What did you think?”

Her response? “It was okay.  But why did Frodo always look like he was about to throw up?”

Why, indeed.

I couldn’t get much more reaction out of the gel than that.  Apparently, she and her friend spent most of their time drooling over Orlando Bloom and didn’t pay all that much attention to the actual plot after he appeared.