Jonah has this to say in the Corner this morning:

Okay riddle me this Batman: Why oh why, if what Douthat says is true about the allegedly woeful proliferation of superhero movies, why has there been no sequel to The Incredibles? Hmmm? Tell me. That movie was awesome, hugely successful, full of superheroes, family friendly, and lends itself to endless sequels more than any live action superhero movie ever. This has bothered me for years now. The movie came out nearly five years ago. There’s been no end to the Toy Stories, Shreks and Little Mermaids, but for some reason this movie about a superhero family—that ends with a cliffhanger!—and grossed something like a third of a billion dollars doesn’t lend itself to a sequel. Grrrr. Ack. Blurgh.

I flag this because I happened to be thinking about the very same subject just the other day.  (Those of you who may  have come away from reading my blogs over the years with the idea that I spend all of my spare time meditating on the deeper issues of Life, the Universe and Everything, are sadly mistaken.)  And I must say that I respectfully disagree with Jonah, in that I’m actually glad there’s never been a sequel.

The reason I’m content with just a singleton Incredibles movie is that I am so fond of it.  As Jonah rightly points out, it is an awesome, awesome flick, head and shoulders above anything else Pixar has put out to date.  This is true from its characters and moral grounding through its spectacular visual effects and right on to its phenomenal sound-track, which somehow manages to do a perfect riff that blends the best of the James Bond sound with that of the old Batman series.

Now certainly the visuals and sound could be reproduced.  But I have a very hard time seeing the writers scoring another bullseye with the characters and story-arc that doesn’t involve going off on some kind of gimmicky tangent.  What would it be?  All Jack-Jack, all the time?  Dash gets his pubes?  Helen finds herself irresistibly attracted to Frozone?  Bob finds himself irresistibly attracted to Bart Simpson? The world wonders, but I for one can’t imagine any sequel that would not be a huge let down from the first installment.

Some things are best just left alone, and it strikes me that The Incredibles is one of them.