The Telegraph is now saying that wind turbine that lost a blade a couple months back did so due to “mechanical failure” and not collision with a UFO.

A 65 ft blade that flew off the turbine came loose after bolts attaching it to the hub failed, not because of a collision, examination of the components has revealed.

Locals near the farm in Conisholme, Lincolnshire had reported seeing orange-yellow spheres trailing octopus-like “tentacles” on the night of the incident, sparking speculation that it had it had fallen victim to low-flying aliens.

But after weeks of analysis the turbine manufacturer Enercon has released an interim report identifying material fatigue as the cause of the accident.

They are now carrying out further tests to establish what caused the bolts to come loose, focusing on the blade and hub components to which they were attached. If one of these failed, the bolts could have been put under unbearable stress.

(Emphasis mine.)

Sure, sure.  Whatever happened to questioning authority and speaking troof to power?

It seems to me that the report of the dangling tentacles is a bit of a bloody giveaway.

fsm It’s been some time since I thought about our old friend the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but this incident obviously has his lemon-butter and garlic’d tentacle prints all over it.

Why is the Brit Press so unwilling to see this?