Not that I’ve had a tremendous amount of time for tickling the ivories lately, but what time I have had at my disposal I’ve been spending with Bach’s French Suite No. 6 in E-flat Major.  In particular, I’ve focused on the Allemande (sampled above, and no this is NOT my performance).

It’s now been something like two years during which time I’ve had almost no interest whatever in playing the musick of anyone other than ol’ J.S.   (It has something to do with the slide of the Old Gentleman into his last illness and death during this period, but I’ve never yet got round to parsing the thing out.)  One of teh results of this is that I am now playing works that I used to shy away from out of intimidation.  Among the French Suites, I had really only messed around with the G Major previously, but now I dip into all of them.