Sorry for the lack of posting, friends.

While last week’s blizzard did not cause me too many problems other than delaying my flight back from Iowa by a couple hours Friday evening, Snow Miser nonetheless caught up with us by causing the Robbo Family furnace to give up the Ghost yesterday morning.  Of course the replacement of the part that went has to be ordered, and of course it’s going to be a few days before they can get out and install it.  It is about 25 degrees outside right now and not much better inside.

Given that we were planning to set out for Florida for Christmas tomorrow anyway, we decided we would leave a day early and spend an extra night on the road.  It is my sincerest wish, having been plunged into the depths of winter the past four or five days, to come back after the New Year with a sunburn.

Anyhoo, we’re off in a little while and I doubt very seriously if I’ll be able to either read or write any posties until we return.  Stay tuned though, my fellow port swillers, because I have much to tell you that I believe you will find very amusing indeed.