winter I’m off for the Nation’s Heartland again in the morning, not getting back until latish Friday evening.

While the weather appears for the most part likely to cooperate, Thursday promises to be a beast, as I’ve got to drive a couple hours in each direction in what is currently forecast as a mixture of sleet and ice pellets.   Fun, fun, fun.

The upside of all this is that it is making our departure for Florida next Tuesday for the hols all the  more appealing.


Alas, although I will be travelling through both Detroit and Minneapolis on this particular trip, home cities to some of my favorite bloggers, I will only be in their respective airports long enough to hop connecting flights and thus cannot offer to meet up.  Ay, me.  So near and yet so far.

Anyhoo, I’ll be away for a few days but will be back in time to post a suitable Christmas greeting.