I had a dream about Boadicea and the Iceni Revolt last evening, which in and of itself was interesting, but was made more so by the fact that instead of being set in East Anglia around 61 A.D., I watched it taking place along the Leesburg Pike west of Dee Cee in current times.  The Britons were all in blue and carried bows and spears while the Romans were in standard Legionary kit, but there were cars all over the place and the buildings were quite recognizable.  I distinctly recollect seeing somebody in a white Rolls cheering on the Iceni.

In my dream, a Roman Legion was posted somewhere in the vicinity of Ashburn, Virginia, with lines of communication running back towards Tyson’s Corner.  But the Roman commander had been slack about guarding this route and I watched the Britons sneaking up on a handful of bored pickets in the neighborhood of Dranesville.   Their plan – known to me – was to destroy the Roman line of communication, surround the Legion and take it by surprise.

I woke up before the dream ended so I don’t know how it would have come out.  My sympathies were with the Romans and I remember thinking that their commander had been an ass but that if they kept their heads and did not panic, they would be able to recover from the shock and eventually master the situation.

Make of that what you will.