gollum Last evening the eldest gel and I went right the way through “The Taming of Smeagol” from The Two Towers.

I have chronicled here before some of the perils and pitfalls of trying to voice the characters from The Lord of the Ring.  Let me here note one of the high points:  Doing the part of Gollum aloud is a damn lot of  fun.

First off, for those of you keeping track of this sort of thing,  my base voice for him is somewhere between Peter Lorre and a sort of  Bearded-Spock Universe Grover. To this, I add a dash of Charles McKeown’s aged Adolphus from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen to get some raspiness.

Second, the variations on this baseline are legion: I, of course, am well aware of the shifts, eddies, and rip-tides of Gollum’s mood and character generated by the different currents flowing through his mind, but as I went along, I marveled at just how much more wonderfully they come across when his words are spoken aloud instead of just read.

Third, the topping of snarls, hisses and shrieks one may liberally sprinkled on this mishmash provides pure entertainment value for one’s audience.  At first, I believe the gel thought I had lost my mind.  Once she got used to it, though, she gobbled it up.

The only drawback is that it’s all rayther hard on the old pipes.  So if and when you get the opportunity to try it out yourself, I recommend having a glass of sherry with an egg beat up into it standing by.  Get through a large chunk of Gollum’s dialogue and you will have earned it.