twilightI recently became aware that Mrs. R and the eldest gel are scrimmaging with each other over possession of a book called Twilight by one Stephenie Meyers.

So far as I can tell, the book is some kind of romance about a girl who falls in love with a vampire.  Not, it is hastily pointed out to me, a ruthless, blood-guzzling, damned stalker of the night, but a caring, sensitive, metrosexual sort of vampire (at least with respect to the girl).  So far as I can make sense of what the ten year old tells me, a major part of the plot focuses on the vampire’s refusal to bite the heroine herself, even though she wants him to. (Make of that what you will, Dr. Freud.)

A quick check around the web suggests that there is already a movie version of this story as well, and that it is going like gangbusters.  (This shows you how often I get out – I’d never heard of it.)

I don’t yet know whether I should be getting cranked up over this or should just dismiss it from my mind as another silly fad.  As a precaution, though, I plan to increase the amount of garlic in my diet.