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I know it’s fairly old news, but last evening as the Six Year Old and I were reading a Sesame Street book together, she suddenly said, “You know, Daddy, Cookie Monster isn’t going to be Cookie Monster anymore.  He’s going to be Veggie Monster.”

“Bah!” I replied. “Stuff and nonsense! He always has been Cookie Monster and he always will be! Don’t you dare ever let anyone take that away from you!”

The gel giggled.

A little research this morning suggests that the Children’s Television Workshop, which had been thinking of changing Cookie’s name a couple years ago, caved under the pressure of public backlash.  They’ve now got Cookie eating more “healthy” stuff, but apparently his name remains intact.

Of course, I’m Old School.  And I’ll bet you are, too.  So let me hear you sing along!

Last evening the eldest gel and I began the adventures of Merry and Pippin among the fighting Otto-wa, uh, I mean Uruk-Hai.  In all modesty, I must say that I did a pretty good job dealing with Uglúk and Grishnákh, whose struggle for control of the orc raiding party has always been a great favorite of mine. Uglúk being what one might call Regular Army, I served up most of his dialogue in a harsh bark.  Grishnákh, according to Tolkien, speaks in a softer yet more sinister voice.  He’s always struck me more as an agent or operative than a soldier – almost KGB or Gestapo-like: clearly he has some sense of the political situation between Barad-Dûr and Orthanc, and just as clearly he’s not nearly as skilled militarily as Uglúk.  So I tried to make him somewhat….well, “oiler” would be the word, I suppose. 

As for the orcs sent down from Moria, my aim was to emphasize their relatively small size compared to Uglúk’s troops, so I pitched their voices a bit higher.  As I did so, I knew that I was copying somebody, but could not think who – it was only later that I realized I was doing Wash’s evil dinosaur voice from the first Firefly episode.  What? You don’t know it? Here you go:

(Occasionally the gravel in my voice gave out.  Then the Moria orcs sounded more like the Bubble Boy from Seinfeld.)

I must say that after half an hour of orc-talk, my throat was positively killing me.  Tonight I may have an egg beaten up in a glass of sherry standing by in order to help me finish the chapter.


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