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From The Shrine of the Holy Whapping:

Not Endorsing this Line of Reasoning, But Not Disagreeing Either:

“Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved.”

– Medieval German proverb

Of course, the Porter in Macbeth (Act 2, Scene 3) reminds us that in addition to sleep, drink is also a promoter of nose-painting and urine, neither of which, I believe, constitutes sinfulness.

I recall this because I wrote a one act parody of the Scottish Play way back in high school entitled “The Drunk of Dunsinane” that was built on that scene.  In it, our hero attempts to sneak back into the castle at three in the morning after an evening of carousing, only to be confronted by Lady M on the stairs.  His attempted explanation, which starts out with three gibberish-talking weird sisters and ends with an entire forest chasing him about the moor, is met with an increasingly stony reception.  In the end, Lady M lights into her husband, first verbally and then with a dagger.

Over the weekend, Mrs. R made the prediction that I was going to be a published author within ten years. Essays on the world around us.  “I’ve read O’Rourke and Wolfe,” she says, “And you write every bit as well as they do.”  I wish I still had that little playlet: I could have included it in my collection under the heading “Robbo’s Juvenalia”.

I was reading an exchange over in the Corner this morning about the lefty politics of Newsweek that reminded me again of something about which I have been shaking my head for some time now.

A couple weeks ago we had as the adult forum speaker over at RFEC a parishioner who serves in some senior editorial position or other at Newsweek.  His topic was the role of religion in politics and he lost no time whatsoever in denouncing Sarah Palin’s faith-based opposition to abortion.  In addition to questioning whether she was even sincere in her belief, he argued that the whole issue is divisive and destructive and that under the principle of separation of Church and State, she had no business trying to force her religious views on the body politic over such a hot topic.  However, not ten minutes later, this same speaker was praising Abraham Lincoln for…..forcing his religious views about a divisive and destructive hot-button social issue on the body politic.

Go figure.

Of course, what makes it even more ironic is the remarkable degree of similarity between abortion and slavery as moral and political issues: Among other things, the proponents of both argue that a) the object of debate (whether foetus or slave) isn’t really a human being, and b) what people do with these non-humans is nobody else’s damn business.

Owing to an evilly-scheduled swim practice, Sunday evenings these days find Robbo in the kitchen preparing din-dins for the family.

Now I do not for one instant pretend to be anything like an accomplished chef, but I do know at least a couple of recipes.  And if I may say so, although my repertoire may not be very wide, what I can do, I do pretty durn well.

Anyhoo, last evening I decided to serve up a big ol’ bowl of linguini alla carbonara.  I happen to make this dish with bacon and yes, I use cream, too.  Served up with cracked red peppah and parmisian to taste, and accompanied by a salad involving lots of endive and radicchio and what might be called the bottomless glass of chianti, this is one simple but aaaaawfully nummy meal.

Of course, it also clocks in at about fifty gajillion calories per forkful, so we only have it once about every couple of months or so.  By the time I’m done, I’m eyeing the whaffer-thins pretty well askance.


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