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Those of you who read of my little literary dilemma posted earlier this week may wish to know how I resolved it.  Well, my Kobiyashi Maru solution was to catch the stomach bug from my daughter, spend 36 hours in bed and read both Scoop AND A Sailor of Austria.

As for ASOA, Sir Basil, you may be interested to know that I have not teared up at a book in quite some time now, but the ending of that one quite got to me.  More thoughts when I’m feeling up to writing a longer review.

And then I came downstairs to skim headlines.  This is not a politica blog by any means, but I tell you truly friends, I’ve got a baaaaaad feeling about this election now.  I haven’t quite yet got the Dole ’96 it-doesn’t-matter-what-you-say-anymore vibe, but it’s not far off.  If Palin doesn’t rock the house tonight and if Maverick doesn’t start letting fly with all his guns, we are in for a miserable four years. (Unless, of course, The One, overcome with hubris, peaks too soon and starts off a backlash just ahead of election day. By no means merely a straw at which to grasp, I think.)

Sorry, but between the ‘flu, my reading and the news, I’ve got a touch of melancholia at the moment.  Anything to cheer me up a bit would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Mr. FLG notes an outbreak of “Norovirus” in the area.  The symptoms sound pretty much like what I have, but then again they sound like those of every virus.  No matter what you call it, it’s still pretty bleah-making.


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