I will probably be out and about (or “oot and aboot” as they say down in the Tidewater) all day tomorrow, so I probably will not have the chance to do so then, but I wanted to note that tomorrow marks the birthday of Sofia Villani Scicolone, better known to the world as Sophia Loren, born September 20, 1934 in Rome.

Again, I do not know whether the bylaws of the RCBfA cover consideration of the cinematic arts, but if they don’t, they surely ought to.  I would never describe Ms. Loren as “pretty”, but by God is she beautiful.

Yesterday when I noted the birthday of film legend Greta Garbo, I received a fair amount of flak from Mrs. P about how frigid Garbo was.  I trust we will not see any such tommy-rot about Ms. Loren.