Conversation at dinner this evening between the 8 Year Old and Self:

8YO: Daddy? When you meet the boy that I’m going to marry, could you kind of go easy on him?

Self: Sweetie, if I think that he’s worthy of you, I’ll be as friendly as you like.

8YO: Oh, good!……Um, Daddy? What happens if you don’t think he’s worthy?

Self: Well then I’ll have to kill him, of course.

Most of you have never met my daughters so I may sound like EveryDad, but trust me on this one:  This particular gel combines proto-babe looks with an absolutely charming personality and, in a few years, is going to have the boys lining up round the block.  I reckon I’m going to need a good deal of ammo.

***A current Rodney Atkins song.  Mrs. R and the gels burned it on to our recent vacation road-trip CD as a joke for my benefit.  Personally, I think there’s a great deal of sage advice in it.