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Well, friends, barring any sudden flashes of inspiration that may or may not strike me this afternoon, this may be the last post for a bit as we head off for a well-earned break. I doubt very seriously whether I shall have Internet access whilst in Maine and even if I do, I probably will have neither the time nor the inclination to post anything.

The picture above is one that I took last year of the little beach just below our cottage, known to the young ladies in my family as “Poison Ivy Cove” owing to the fact that one false step into the greenery can prove extremely itch-making. Would you like to know what a small world it really is? Well, I will tell you: Mr. & Mrs. P are both very well acquainted with this particular beach, not only because Mrs. P’s family has property nearby (indeed, you could probably see it just beyond the point and across the gut, were those pine trees not in the way), but in fact because the Peperii rented our cottage from its previous owner many years ago when first married. Mrs. P and I only have only gradually pieced together this gunnegshun over the past year or two.

How about that?

When last in those parts, the Peperii actually dropped in on Mom, who occupies the cottage next door during the summahs. I understand from all accounts that it was a very pleasant meeting, although I’m not sure the Mothe ever took seriously my warning that some of my imaginary blogsphere friends might show up at her door one fine morning until it actually happened. Heh, as they say, indeed.

(Speaking of blogsphere encounters, whilst on my travels I am hoping to meet up with the Irish Elk for a Sea Dogs ball game next week, as well as to rendezvous with the Abbot for lunch on the way back as we did last year.)

Well, anyway, If I don’t slip in another post between now and the time we shove off, I’ll see you all on the other side, tanned, ready and rested.

Administrative Update: I guess it’s a bit goofy to start a new blog and then go on hiatus a week later, but there it is.  For those of you stumbling across TPSAYE for the first time in my absence (hopefully many of you), welcome! Oh, and if you submit a comment for the first time, don’t be chagrined if it doesn’t pop up immediately, as I won’t be able to get around to approving new commenters till I get back.


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